What happens during a massage treatment?

What can I do to make sure you feel like you have had a ‘good’ & effective treatment?

We will talk through a consultation (you would have already completed a pre screen form), medical history, & what you are hoping to get out of the session.
Then I put together a mix of massage techniques to treat you, each massage is different! No set routines here!

Jo Warboys shooting-27

My aim is to help improve any areas of tension, chronic conditions, stress levels etc. Help resolve post natal issues, relieve pregnancy aches and assist with c section scar management.

 The body is always striving for balance, physically & mentally. All of our body systems work in conjunction with each other therefore we will always work together to treat you holistically.
Sometimes, that word ‘holistic’ can evoke perceptions!! Don’t worry! I won’t start clinking bells & chanting! Holistic in massage terms is to treat the body as a whole!


“Just had the most amazing massage with lovely Jo … and can’t recommend her highly enough. If your mind, body and soul is in need of some love give her a call”
Via Facebook, Amanda, Whitton 

Jo Warboys shooting-33

Aftercare is also really important. Follow up advice & suggestions are all part of your session. Tense shoulders? I can suggest stretches. High stress levels? I can point you towards relaxation techniques. Need a bit more help? I can refer you to a suitable fellow practitioner, personal trainer, osteopath etc.


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