Walk and Talk Therapy

“I found my ‘walk and talk’ sessions with Jo to be really really helpful in trying to understand and untangle my feelings surrounding my parents deaths. It was my first experience of any type of counselling/therapy having shied away from any bereavement counselling in the past but Jo’s warmth and down to earth manner always made me feel totally supported and comfortable. Jo’s sessions were alway well thought out yet challenging and I feel I have learnt so much about myself from our sessions together and what I can do to help myself moving forward. It was the ‘walk’ aspect that really appealed to me especially as the setting was the glorious Bushy Park but it was the talk bit that I really needed!” SW, Teddington


***Sessions are dependant on: confirmation that you are not showing any symptoms of COVID 19 before each session, I am not not showing any symptoms, , adherence to NHS track & trace information sharing, we remain 1 metre + while walking, we wash hands before and after each session, we carry hand sanitiser ***

I am still offering ‘virtual’ walk & talk. I call you, headphones in, we talk while taking a walk in separate venues (keeping 1 metre + away from others). This has been working well!

Zoom and telephone therapy sessions are also available.

Stay safe and take care.

Walking and talking therapy combined is the bomb!

The ethos behind walk & talk therapy is to move talking therapy & counselling out into the open. Making talking about how we feel with a trained professional as accessible as going to see a PT in a gym or chat to your hairdresser about your next hair do! Working to remove the stigma and increase awareness. We ALL deserve support at times.

We don’t have to be in crisis in order to seek support, mental wellness needs work and you deserve to feel supported during that journey.

We already know that being out in nature (just being outside!) is beneficial, it calms us therefore sets the tone for talking therapy beautifully.

My role is to create a safe, non judgemental space for you to feel listened to while you work through what you need to. Maintaining mental health is key to feeling fulfilled and is as important physical health.

Everyone deserves to be ‘held’ when they are exploring and making sense of feelings and emotions. Recognising patterns of behaviour and what may lie beneath them is important work. I stand beside you as you do that.

“I recently completed a block of 6 walk and talk sessions with Jo and they were honestly life changing.  I am 6 months postpartum and suffered with anxiety towards the end of my pregnancy and (probably as a result) had a much more traumatic birth than I expected.  Along with some other unexpected events, I found my first few months as a mum of 3… Wobbly.  And then I started my sessions with Jo. I’m not sure how to express this without sounding gushing and emotional but she is SO good at what she does. I am in awe of the magic she works!  Jo took the negative thoughts and limiting beliefs I had and spun them around so I could see them from a completely different perspective.  She is kind, warm, completely non-judgemental, and just the person you want to see when you are feeling vulnerable.  I loved the idea of walking in a park as we talked.. I could wheel the pram in the fresh air, chatting to a friendly face – I knew just that alone would be helpful. But I was blown away by how much I learnt about my thoughts (and Myself!) and I have managed to change unhelpful thought patterns that I didn’t even realise I had been thinking – for decades!  My confidence and self belief grew over the weeks and by our final session I realised I was feeling so much more like my normal self. Jo is just lovely and these sessions have been invaluable. I am looking forward to booking some follow up sessions in the future and I would recommend Jo’s walk and talk therapy to EVERYONE!” MM, Whitton

The sessions are 1:1 and confidential. We walk in a local green space or park, Bushy Park and Richmond park are both beautiful. They typically last 50 minutes, however sometimes up to 60 minutes, we can be flexible.

A free 15 min telephone call is offered so you and I can scope out how we may work together, the therapeutic relationship is important. You will know if you want to move forward with me and there is absolutely no obligation!

At our first session we agree some housekeeping and also discuss the ethics I abide by that protect you and me. We can get a sense of what you want out of your sessions, maybe set some goals, agree a way of working and go from there. Some people have specifics they want to talk about and some appreciate the opportunity to talk authentically about whatever may be going on for them at that time.

Typically we will meet weekly and review each week where we are. 6-9 sessions are useful to begin with and then we go from there.

Sessions are £55:00 each payable 24 hours in advance, if you cancel a session with less that 7 days notice then the session fee is still payable.

We can meet on the same day & time each week, although I get that life is sometimes not as simple a that so happy to discuss what works for you!

Confidential, client centred and led, safe, non judgemental, open.

Where do walk & talk sessions take place? Busy Park, Richmond Park or any open space where we can walk in nature. If we feel that occasionally we want to the session to be inside (due to the material we are working through), no problem. We agree a meeting point and the sessions start and finish in the same place. I try to offer locations that have good transport links or nearby car parks. What can be useful is taking the time to walk to and then home from your session, creating time to be with your thoughts is the ultimate in prioritising your mental wellness.

What if the weather is awful? We still walk & talk! If conditions are unsafe, I will text you before your session time and advise accordingly. Suitable clothing and footwear is advisable.

What can I talk about? Whatever you feel you need to! Life can be overwhelming sometimes and having the opportunity to work through thoughts, feelings, emotions and behaviours can bring clarity. The sessions are your time, your space, what you need to talk about. Here are some of the themes that can come up:

Bereavement, loss, low mood, self esteem, life changes, anxiety, stress, becoming a new mum, kids leaving home, separation or divorce, menopause, surgery, chronic pain, chronic gynecological issues, menopause, feeling stuck, wanting to make sense of past issues, getting married, fertility, ageing & ageing parents, anger, illness, depression, family, financial, generally unhappy with life, parenting, relationships, shyness to name but a few.

How many sessions will I need? We will discuss and agree, however typically 6-9 weekly sessions are a good starting point. It gives us the time needed to explore & process without feeling pressured by a ‘set’ number of sessions. From that point, we can see where we go, sometimes sessions further apart work and other times it may be a break then resume. All will be in agreement with you. A point to note is that it is OK to feel once you start walking & talking that you want to stop or cancel, I get that and appreciate that lots will come up for you that could be a challenge to sit with. We work with breathing techniques and coping strategies to support you throughout the process.

How long are the sessions? 50 mins in duration. We may run over up to 60 mins depending on where we are.

What are your qualifications and training? Having come from a HR, resourcing and relationship management background, people skills have always been my area of interest. I currently hold certificates in CPCAB Level 2&3 counselling skills, a Diploma in Life Coaching, Mental Health First Aider, crisis response CPD, CBT CPD, PTSD CPD, Active listening CPD, Infant loss CPD, PND CPD, Stress and mental health CPD, Breathworks CPD. I volunteer at SHOUT a crisis text service. Areas of interest are: pregnancy & post natal, women’s health, menopause, mind & body connection to name but a few! I am fully insured, abide by a code of ethics and am a student member of BACP. I am also a bodyworker, so have experience and knowledge of how our body reacts and holds emotions so can use this to offer a ‘whole body & mind’ approach.

How much are sessions & what is your cancellation policy? The cost is £55 per 50 min session. You are welcome to pay weekly (24 hours in advance) or in blocks. I request that payment is made via online bank transfer 24 hours before your appointment. Cancellation with less than 1 weeks notice will incur the full session fee. Any cancellation outside of that does not incur a cancellation fee.

To ensure that I am offering an inclusive & accessible service, I do currently have the ability to offer a ‘pay what you can’ series of sessions. Please do contact me to chat through.

What do I do now if I want to go ahead? Email me hello@jowarboys.com with any questions and we can get you booked in for a session. Alternatively, happy to offer a free 15 min telephone call to chat through your questions.

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