“I found my ‘walk and talk’ sessions with Jo to be really really helpful in trying to understand and untangle my feelings surrounding my parents deaths. It was my first experience of any type of counselling/therapy having shied away from any bereavement counselling in the past but Jo’s warmth and down to earth manner always made me feel totally supported and comfortable. Jo’s sessions were alway well thought out yet challenging and I feel I have learnt so much about myself from our sessions together and what I can do to help myself moving forward. It was the ‘walk’ aspect that really appealed to me especially as the setting was the glorious Bushy Park but it was the talk bit that I really needed!” SW, Teddington Walk & Talk

“I received a lovely massage from Jo. Her knowledge and explanation of linking certain trouble spots to other areas is fantastic. As is Jo’s aftercare support in follow a up email and advice for progressing. I’m booked in monthly now”” Lorraine, West Molesey Pregnancy and post-natal.

“An amazing intuitive therapist who goes the extra mile to ensure you’re served deeply. Highly recommend.” Jenny, London

“Jo has a real gift – she can head straight to my tight spots with what seems like ESP and STILL make me feel relaxed! Her manner is perfect and the sessions are completely bespoke (this coming from someone who doesn’t like a ‘feather duster’ approach or formulaic massage! I Strongly urge you to give her a try!” Kate, Teddington

“Jo is just fantastic – I now have a monthly massage and have never been so pain free. Admittedly, I push my body a bit too hard but Jo keeps me moving and comfortable. The only problem is how popular she is!!” Anna, Walton

“I can honestly say I haven’t had a better massage. Jo is very attuned to what your body needs and gives really useful after care advice. Highly recommend!” Louise, Whitton

“Jo is wonderful. Quite honestly the best massage therapist I’ve found.” Adele, Twickenham

“A superb post natal massage – not only did my body feel great afterwards but I learnt so much Jo as she explained how the body changes during pregnancy.” Fiona, Esher

“Brilliant massage, very knowledgeable, felt very safe in her hands as a pregnant lady needing some TLC! Would highly recommend…” Vicky, Whitton.

“Thanks to Jo I just experienced the best pregnancy massage I have ever had. I felt so comfortable as soon as I met Jo and she was so thorough finding out all about my previous pregnancy and current niggles at 33 weeks and was able to tailor the massage accordingly. I was so comfortable throughout and so relaxed I almost fell asleep. I can highly recommend her to everyone and have booked her up for a few more sessions before my due date and will no doubt continue to use her afterwards too!” Joanne, TW3

“I recently completed a block of 6 walk and talk sessions with Jo and they were honestly life changing.  I am 6 months postpartum and suffered with anxiety towards the end of my pregnancy and (probably as a result) had a much more traumatic birth than I expected.  Along with some other unexpected events, I found my first few months as a mum of 3… Wobbly.  And then I started my sessions with Jo. I’m not sure how to express this without sounding gushing and emotional but she is SO good at what she does. I am in awe of the magic she works!  Jo took the negative thoughts and limiting beliefs I had and spun them around so I could see them from a completely different perspective.  She is kind, warm, completely non-judgemental, and just the person you want to see when you are feeling vulnerable.  I loved the idea of walking in a park as we talked.. I could wheel the pram in the fresh air, chatting to a friendly face – I knew just that alone would be helpful. But I was blown away by how much I learnt about my thoughts (and Myself!) and I have managed to change unhelpful thought patterns that I didn’t even realise I had been thinking – for decades!  My confidence and self belief grew over the weeks and by our final session I realised I was feeling so much more like my normal self. Jo is just lovely and these sessions have been invaluable. I am looking forward to booking some follow up sessions in the future and I would recommend Jo’s walk and talk therapy to EVERYONE!” MM, Whitton

“Pain free and problem areas released for first time in years. Jo is very professional and also gives follow up advice. So happy I found her! “Rebecca, New Malden

“Had a amazing massage by Jo on Monday! She was extremely professional, gave a very through consultation which enabled me to get the best out of my massage. The massage was fantastic & I felt totally comfortable & relaxed. I loved how Jo gave me great aftercare advice, will definitely be rebooking and following her advice.” Kerry-Anne, Isleworth

“Jo is a total pro. And she’s lovely too! I would confidently recommend her to anyone!”
Ali, via Facebook, Chiswick
“Jo has been a regular active part of my healing process. The last massage was that good I felt the most relaxed I had EVER felt… Now that’s a seller if ever there was one! Thank you Jo for being you x you rock x”
Claire, Via Facebook, Teddington
“Jo is just the right mix of down to earth, friendly and professional. As someone with a chronic pain condition I was really reassured by the way Jo listened to me and adapted my treatment accordingly – she really knows her stuff. The treatments I have received have been amazing, so relaxing and such a luxury to have in my own home. She truly has magic hands!”
Jennie, Via Facebook, Teddington
“Another recommendation from me as well! Brilliant massage & lovely lady! Highly recommend!
Via Facebook, Caroline.E. Twickenham
“Just had the most amazing massage with lovely Jo … and can’t recommend her highly enough. If your mind, body and soul is in need of some love give her a call”
Via Facebook, Amanda, Whitton 
“What a fabulous way to start the week, especially after getting back to running. A relaxing & effective massage, at home, and tons of practical tips. Thank you so much Jo – you’re the best!”
Via Facebook, Patricia Twickenham
” Amazing massage with @JoMassage this morning. Going to make this a regular thing!”
@carojonesphoto, Twickenham (via Twitter)
“Had a fantastic massage with Jo !  Can’t wait to find time for another :)”
Heena, Twickenham
“If you are in need of a massage you should get in touch with Jo Warboys ! I had my massage today and it’s been just fantastic. I love her attitude and also the fact that she could point out immediately where my weak spots are. It’s great to have great people around you!!” Dani, Twickenham

“I had a 60 minute massage with Jo last Saturday and what a lovely treatment it was. Jo’s approach is very warm and the treatment felt very individualised for my needs. She is a wonderful therapist and I can’t recommend her enough. Jo has an innate ability to find the right level of chat, uses beautiful music and is so skilled at making the massage truly feel like time out of my extremely busy week. Thanks Jo!” Kate, Teddington.

“Jo has been treating my stiff back & neck which is always in urgent need of attention. My job as an upholsterer means standing, bending & lifting all day. She has managed to elongate me & sort out all the tightness in areas that I didn’t even know where tight.
She explains how I should feel afterwards & checks in with me to ensure I have no questions or adverse reactions after the treatment.
Her warm friendly manner from the moment we meet has meant my time with Jo is a truly relaxing & I leave floating & smiling.
The hand massage at the end is a real treat for me.”  Sharon, Windsor.

“Jo is an excellent massage therapist. With her deep knowledge and skill, genuine concern for others’ well-being, and sharp mind picking up patterns, symptoms and potential causes of pain, she has really helped me as I rebuild my mind/body connection, regain some healthy habits and deal with some minor injuries that would have become major had she not addressed them. She focuses in on the important things while taking a holistic approach. I walk away from her massages feeling great – relaxed and put back together, and with some practical advice for what I can do to continue the work we started. Not only does my body feel better, but so does my mindset. She also holds me accountable – in a lovely way – from session to session which is making a real difference! I can see progress in some trouble spots, and working with her is an important part of my overall wellness routine. I feel very lucky Jo has followed her passion to help people in this way!”  Patricia, Twickenham

“Jo has a fabulous nature that puts you at ease straight away. The treatment is extremely relaxing, but also very thorough with Jo taking time to concentrate on the areas that are in need of help. You certainly feel like you receive full care as Jo gives advise on stretches and exercises that may help further. I have definitely made a conscious effort to change the way I approach my physical health following treatments with Jo. I can’t recommend Jo enough.” Gemma. Teddington

“Thank you Jo for another wonderful massage! I’m amazed what a difference a good massage makes and I leave feeling like I’ve had three gin and tonics on a sunny day 🙂
– without the hangover!
Jo is such a friendly, warm and kind person that you immediately feel at ease and she is so professional and excellent at what she does that you know you are in safe hands.
I have had regular massages from Jo whilst training for and recovering from a marathon and I’m sure this is one of the main reason I made it through injury free. I recovered from long runs a lot quicker and Jo would often tell me where muscles were particularly tight and needed extra stretching. I think having massages as part of my training programme was invaluable and I will definitely make that a priority in future.
Jo takes the time to talk to her clients and tailor the massage to their needs.
I am completely sold on the positive effects of touch in so many ways. A good massage benefits your body (I felt more balanced & flexible with no niggles) and your mind (I wouldn’t often describe myself as feeling serene….:)) I would recommend Jo 100%. “
Marie, Whitton

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