How can pregnancy massage help you? What benefits are there to post natal massage? C section scar or tummy gap? Read on!


“Thanks to Jo I just experienced the best pregnancy massage I have ever had. I felt so comfortable as soon as I met Jo and she was so thorough finding out all about my previous pregnancy and current niggles at 33 weeks and was able to tailor the massage accordingly. I was so comfortable throughout and so relaxed I almost fell asleep. I can highly recommend her to everyone and have booked her up for a few more sessions before my due date and will no doubt continue to use her afterwards too!” Joanne, TW3

Once we have been pregnant and given birth, our bodies are post natal. The process that our body goes through is amazing and one that I find fascinating!
Pregnancy changes posture, core integrity, the way we walk, run & exercise. As these changes happen we need to be aware & ensure we are also adapting. More self care is needed! And you deserve it more than ever!


Being pregnant can lead to aches & pain, in some cases conditions such as SPD occur. There are the more common ailments – heartburn, constipation, lower back, hip and neck stiffness. The diagram above shows how our centre of gravity changes due to a growing, beautiful bump!
A regular pregnancy massage can help alivate a lot of these symptoms, increase movement, reduce pain and more importantly allows you to prepare for the birth.


The post natal period is a time for healing, rest & recovery; massage (soft tissue therapy) helps with that process.
Some of the issues that you may be experiencing:
Top of shoulders and chest feeling tight and rounded?
Neck feel restricted?
Forward head position and chin sticking out?
Not able to breath deeply and fully?
Core integrity compromised?
Lower back pain?
Feeling you are ‘protecting’ your tummy with your posture? Pelvis position changed?
Bum muscles sore?
C section scar feeling tight? Numb?
Tummy gap?
These are all completely normal and we work together using various strategies; abdominal massage, breath coaching, referral to specialist movement professionals, c section scar management, diastasis recti massage and home care advice to name a few to improve and alleviate.
The BEST bit is you come & lie down for 90 mins and are looked after! Bliss!
I have undertaken additional & advanced training so I have the knowledge & understanding to ensure that you receive a treatment appropriate and effective to your individual needs.
Drop me a note to ask any questions!

Pregnancy & post natal massage. C-section scar management & diastasis recti massage.


Check out this short video I did a while ago, its rough & ready, however gives you a few ways to help relieve tension in your face, neck & shoulders! Please excuse the music blaring in the background! I may have been doing some ‘kitchen dancing’ and forgot to turn it down!




Pain in the neck? It could be coming from your jaw!

Temporomandibular Joint (in short TMJ!)


We all suffer from neck pain from time to time. For some of us it is a regular problem & others it can be intensified when we are feeling stressed.

Let’s take a look at the anatomy of our neck and face:


I love an anatomy diagram! Isn’t it amazing! Look at all of the muscles in the neck! Can you spot the ‘anterior temporalis muscle’ and the ‘TMJ capsule’? These can get tight and hold tension. Why not see how yours feels? Use the pads of your fingertips, massage slowly around your temple area. Does that feel good? Releasing some tension? Whilst having a shower, take a few moments to massage your scalp too (see if you can get your scalp to move, like you are itching a wig!!) Do the same in the temple area. Nice?!

So what is the TMJ and what significance does it have? This joint is basically responsible for moving our jaw, talking, eating, laughing etc. Move your jaw from side to side? You will look like a camel chewing his lunch! Does that make a clicking sound? Feel like its pulling behind your ear area? See if you can feel where the joint is moving, just below where the bottom on your ears are attached to your face. Found it? GENTLY apply some pressure both sides at once….oooff! A bit tender? Just applying a small amount of pressure can help ease that feeling. The TMJ can also hold lots of tension if we are anxious, worried or generally just trying to keep up with the hectic lifestyles we lead! I have an awful habit of jutting my lower jaw out when I am concentrating! I have to consciously put my top and bottom jaws back in the right place! Gives me a headache! Always signals my time to log off and go off and do something restorative!

Teeth grinding while we sleep will also put a strain on our TMJ. If it’s a real problem for you, go and see your dentist as they can suggest various treatments.



Next muscle to have a poke around for is the superficial masseter muscle (2 on the photo above), this muscle supports the lower jaw as well as other functions. Relax your jaw as much as you can, feel around your cheekbone, start at the side of your face by your ear and use 2 fingertips to feel all the way down to the lower jaw. Feel anything? It can be an odd sensation! This is SUCH a fab exercise to do to make your jaw area feel more relaxed.

How about adding in all the areas in the photo below? That is not me by the way!

Whenever I work on these areas with my lovely clients, they describe it as a ‘nice feeling of being a bit uncomfortable!!’ I know what they mean!

Other ideas to keep tension at bay!

Yoga, Pilates, take a walk, sing, be creative, take a 30min nap, practice mindfulness, meet a friend for a gossip, read a trashy magazine, do some gardening and anything that gives you a chance to concentrate on what YOU enjoy for a little while!



What have to say about massage…….


Mind-logo-1-designed-by-Glazer“What are the benefits of massage?

How does it help?
Having a treatment can be part of how you look after yourself, and can help you discover what deep relaxation feels like. A common effect is a balancing one. If you are feeling agitated, it will help to calm you. If you are tired and lethargic, it will make you feel lighter and more energetic. If you are in severe distress, massage can help you feel more ‘in your body’ and grounded.
Emotionally, massage enables you to feel nurtured and cared for, and can help you feel more positive about your body. For those who lack physical touch in their daily lives, for instance many elderly people, massage can be affirming and nourishing. If you find talking about yourself difficult, bodywork is another way that could help you explore how you are feeling.
On a physical level, massage actively promotes the circulation of blood and lymph through the body, aids digestion, and alleviates chronic muscle tension. It helps with the symptoms of anxiety and panic, such as palpitations, a tight chest, and shallow breathing. It may also relieve some of the side effects of medication. Massage is good at times when orthodox medicine has little to offer, for example for relieving headaches, backache and other chronic pain.”


Mind is the leading mental health organisation in England and Wales, providing a unique range of services through its local associations, to enable people with experience of mental distress to have a better quality of life. For more information about any mental health issues, including details of your nearest local Mind association, contact the Mind website: or Mindinfoline on 0845 766 0163.


Happy clients!

Jo Warboys shooting-44

“Jo is an excellent massage therapist. With her deep knowledge and skill, genuine concern for others’ well-being, and sharp mind picking up patterns, symptoms and potential causes of pain, she has really helped me as I rebuild my mind/body connection, regain some healthy habits and deal with some minor injuries that would have become major had she not addressed them. She focuses in on the important things while taking a holistic approach. I walk away from her massages feeling great – relaxed and put back together, and with some practical advice for what I can do to continue the work we started. Not only does my body feel better, but so does my mindset. She also holds me accountable – in a lovely way – from session to session which is making a real difference! I can see progress in some trouble spots, and working with her is an important part of my overall wellness routine. I feel very lucky Jo has followed her passion to help people in this way!”
Patricia, Twickenham