Happy clients make my job worthwhile! #grateful!

  “Jo has been a regular active part of my healing process. The last massage was that good I felt the most relaxed I had EVER felt… Now that’s a seller if ever there was one! Thank you Jo for being you x you rock x” Claire, Via Facebook, Teddington

This is what my Clients have to say: (!)

“Jo has been treating my stiff back & neck which is always in urgent need of attention. My job as an upholsterer means standing, bending & lifting all day. She has managed to elongate me & sort out all the tightness in areas that I didn’t even know where tight. She explains how I shouldContinue reading “This is what my Clients have to say: (!)”

More happy clients!

“Jo is an excellent massage therapist. With her deep knowledge and skill, genuine concern for others’ well-being, and sharp mind picking up patterns, symptoms and potential causes of pain, she has really helped me as I rebuild my mind/body connection, regain some healthy habits and deal with some minor injuries that would have become majorContinue reading “More happy clients!”