Natural Lift Face Massage

I have been pondering over how to market this new service offering!
I don’t go in for the ‘look younger’ ‘halt the ageing process’ ‘get a youthful appearance’ cr*p I am afraid!
I do go in for celebrating who we are, how we look is to be more about how we feel rather than what others may judge us on!
Taking the time to engage in a bit of face maintenance is what I am offering!
We are already healthy, glamorous, glittering women….. a bit of extra dazzle thrown in is the way forward! You know when you look at yourself and think, ‘You are one hot lady!’, that’s where we want to be !

Sometimes the way we live, what we eat and drink, the environment we are in, our levels of stress, mental and emotional well being, will all show on our face and can dull that shine! A mixture of internal and external factors will influence how your face feels and looks. Lots of people are affected by facial tension which can lead to puffiness, dullness and a reduction of your natural sparkle and fabulousness!

Specialist face massage can give you a natural lift. It brightens your complexion, releases stress and tension in your face, scalp, neck and shoulders, enhances your natural beauty, encourages the removal of toxins from the face, increases blood circulation, improves lymphatic flow, strengthens and tones facial muscles and stimulates the nervous system to rest and relax. Reducing the ‘fight or flight’ stress response.

Natural lift face massage is a luscious blend of techniques from Indian & Japanese face massage, acupressure and Swedish style massage techniques.

During the natural face lift massage you will feel uber calm as we start with 360 degree conscious breathing. This treatment is about so much more than a face rub! The session is 60 minutes and I add in a scalp massage, neck and shoulder release, 360 breath coaching and lymphatic drainage techniques to ensure you make the most of your golden hour!

“I feel and look like I have slept the entire day!”
Face is softer, lines are less visible, glow is increased, eyelids are lifted, nose is more symmetrical, eyes more open and alert. dimple on side of chin has reduced. Sparkle and glow and refreshed!

If you book a course of sessions, there will also be some ‘feel good’ goodies for you to take away with you. We all deserve a little gift now and then right?! This course of treatments is heavy on the ‘feel good’ factor!

Afterwards I will advise you on self massage techniques that will be easy to fit into your current routine.

It is recommended to have a session once a week or bi weekly for a minimum of four weeks, six weeks is optimal. You can then enjoy ad hoc or regular monthly maintenance sessions.

Alternatively, enjoy one off sessions whenever you fancy floating away and come away looking amazing!

After 3 sessions.

6 sessions £ 360 (2 or 3 instalment plans available)
4 sessions £ 252 (2 instalment plan available)
1 session £65
Payment is required before the sessions commence via bank transfer.

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