Internal coping strategies – to do or not to do?!

It’s all a bit up and down at the moment isn’t it!

Is that a massive understatement?!

I am guessing that the rollercoaster of emotions and feelings we are experiencing during the COVID-19 pandemic is either feelings you are used to or a new way of experiencing your emotions.

Our brain is currently doing its job when faced with uncertain and threatening stuff. A global pandemic is real and scary! It’s job is to protect you! Heightening your senses so you are ready! That is brilliant and fascinating, however being aware of how we can manage that is useful.

Taking a bit of time to focus on a self care plan (more than a bubble bath – although they are rather fab at getting some alone time! #shutthatdoor) can help us recognise when we may need to plan to do something that calms us. Can we go from a 10 to a 6? This could as simple as some long, slow, deep breaths to help us regulate any racing thoughts and slow our heart rate down. A walk to the bottom of the garden to watch the birds flying about.

A plan to recognise internal signals that your body and brain are sending you. Can we take that signal as a marker to slow down and take some time for YOU?

I want to say how aware I am of the overload of information we are being bombarded with at the moment! The intention is that you can choose to read, use and follow up some or none of this! If hiding in the downstairs loo eating a mint club biscuit (!) is doing it for you then that is epic! One of the most valuable ‘learning’ opportunities during this uncertain time could be to tune into what works for YOU!

That’s YOU and only YOU!

Tee hee hee!

Click here or the image below for my self care and safety plan if you like to write stuff down!

One of the areas we can choose to ponder on is our internal coping strategies. These are things you can do on your own to move you towards feeling calmer, more in control….

Walking and being outside (garden, balcony, by an open window), gardening, writing a diary or a letter, taking a bath (!), sorting that annoying kitchen drawer out, reading, home pedicure, build a lego creation!

Anything creative engages a part of our brain that can build on feelings of focus and calm. Colouring, painting, knitting, crochet, baking, biscuit decorating, making some bookmarks.

Below is a selection of online offerings from local businesses; movement, guided meditation, yoga, mindfulness, creative makes and something for the greenfingered out there!

These small businesses that are adapting to bring you what you may need at this time. They are invested in looking after their clients; is very uplifting! It seems a wonderful way of feeling connected at the moment. How nice is it to receive something in the post knowing that a small business owner has prepared it for you? Seeing a movement teacher on screen supporting us through some activity. I am wondering if some of these options may work for you?

How about an online life drawing class with Yaz Illustration? Click here or the image below for further details:

Guided meditation

House of Wellbeing.

We give people the tools they need to look after their mental health 24/7, 365 days a year through our targeted guided meditation platform, confidential drop in clinics and powerful workshops.

Our platform hosts a suite of over 70+ Personal and Professional audios (called MindTALKs). These MindTALK audios have the power to help overcome a variety of mental health issues in the workplace.  We have proven results to show that issues such as stress and anxiety decrease in the workplace and 83% of people who have used the platform, say it has had a positive impact in helping them overcome unwanted issues and behaviours such as:

Addiction | Alcohol Moderation | Anxiety | Bereavement |Blushing | Business Meeting Presence | Claustrophobia | Confidence | Confidence to Come Out | Dating Confidence | Depression | Fear of Flying | Having More Patience | Healthy Eating | Hypochondria | Imposter Syndrome | Increase in ExerciseInsecurity | Insomnia/Waking In The Night | More Self Esteem | Motivation | Overcoming LazinessPitching Effectively | Positive Thinking | Powerful Public Speaking | Premenstrual Syndrome | Reframing Stress |  Resilience | Unwind After A Busy Day | Weight Loss

Movement can be beneficial is that appeals to you. Feel good hormones increase when we move around a bit! We have fabulous local providers in SW London who have taken their offerings online.

Kate Smart at Kate Smart Fitness.

Staying active whilst staying at home can seem easy to some and challenging to others. There’s a plethora of free stuff online which is brilliant and thank heavens for technology, but it might seem confusing or off putting if you are a woman in various life stages such as postnatal or peri/post menopausal. I have switched to teaching my regular classes via Zoom as well as worked hard on putting together a membership area of pre-recorded sessions. For specific core and pelvic floor courses, whether you want to join a group (from your home of course) or work 1:1 with me via Zoom the options are also there. Do take a look at or get in touch for a chat.”

Kate is super lovely!

Chrissie at Fitness refresh.
Helping 40+ year olds live positive active healthy lives
– stop you stagnating and get to your health and fitness goals
– try for a month, and if you don’t like it, 100% refund available – weekly actions, accountability & support including three live coaching sessions to keep you on track- amazingly friendly and supportive people- based on coaching I utilise with world leaders London Business Schools Senior Exec program- weekly run program for runners out there & – 20% discount off personalised programs
Click here to join:
If you’re keen to know more, do pop me a note

Look at those smiles!

TW12 physio and pilates – Nicole Pitman

The Lower Limb Strength and Balance class is a physiotherapy led exercise class which I have been running for the last couple of years within the community.

Ideal for people who are finding day to day tasks like getting out of the chair or climbing the stairs increasingly difficult, have knee or hip arthritis, joint replacements, frequent falls or fear of falling. The class provides a friendly environment where modifications to all the exercises are available. All exercises are focused on improving strength in the legs and standing balance, while maintaining safety at all times and working within your own abilities. 

The class follows a circuit – based structure comprising 11 exercise stations with seated and standing options for all. Participants complete each exercise for 2 minutes with a dynamic warm up and static stretches at the beginning and end of the class respectively. 

Equipment MUST HAVE:  dining/sturdy chair, owing to the current circumstances classes are being run via ZOOM therefore a desktop/iPad/smartphone 

Equipment NICE TO HAVE: access to stairs/step up, small weights (or can use tins of baked beans), resistance bands.

Before starting the class participants are required to complete a registration form (in the current circumstances this is done over the phone) which comprises some questions about current and previous health conditions, medications, falls history etc. This is to be completed to ensure that everyone is safe to participate in exercise.

If anyone is interested or knows someone who this would be suitable for please feel free to give me a call. Chats are always FREE!!



Mobile: 0745 336 5211

Nicole is always around for a chat!

Curves Hampton/Teddington

Free easy-to-follow home exercise routines for beginner to intermediate fitness levels:

07305 062772 email address:

Great for beginners.


Sarah is a highly qualified physiotherapist, with more than 19 years experience working in private practice and the NHS. 

From her treatment room at The Training Works in St Margarets, she specialises in treating adult musculoskeletal conditions triggered by anything from sports injuries to post-operative care and everything else in between. Her mission is to help clients get back to doing what they love – whether that’s running marathons, cycling, playing football or walking the dog! 

Sarah takes a truly holistic approach to assessment and treatment using a number of different physiotherapy techniques to get you back to health, including manual therapy, massage, exercise prescription, taping, postural correction, gait analysis, Aquatic Therapy (at Teddington Hydrotherapy Pool) and Pilates.  Sarah trained with the APPI (Australian Physiotherapy & Pilates Institute) and has found the Pilates Method an invaluable rehabilitation tool and provides a range of Pilates classes to suit the varying needs of her clients including Matwork Pilates & Seated Pilates.

Yoga – mindful movement!

Lotus and Laurel Yoga

Yoga is for everyone, no matter ability, flexibility, age or gender. So whether you are a practiced yogi or a first timer, come along. Yoga for all.

The lovely Tina has a fab selection of online yoga classes. Live and then available when you are ready. All levels catered for. She is currently working on teen & kid yoga so keep an eye out for that!

Click here or the image below:

Ember Yoga

Whether you want to feel energised, calm or inspired, we have an exceptional range of weekly yoga, fitness and barre for everybody. A range of online classes are available.

Going online is a huge but exhilarating challenge and we are working it out as we go along. 3 free classes every week, online classes are cheaper and there are 5 & 10 class packs to reduce the cost even further. In addition to that, every other day they will be sharing a pre-recorded class for you to enjoy on them.

Rebecca James Yoga
I teach gentle, mindful yoga for health and wellbeing. Every week I film two videos 1 x 10-minute and 1 x 30-minute for you so you can practice yoga at home at a time that suits you. You can subscribe through my website
By slowing down, listening to the body and observing the mind we find more joy in life.

Pretty stuff!

How about a bunch of flowers? Make a flower crown or even a succulent terrarium? I am going to try all 3! So, there I will be, wearing my flower crown, enjoying my flowers and hanging up my terrarium! It works for me!

Flower Tonic

Fancy a dose of flower tonic straight to your doorstep. Give yourself and your home a little flower tonic lift with our fresh flower deliveries. Click here or the image below:

Flower Crown Magic.

Bespoke flower crowns, Headbands & DIY flower crown kits. Their philosophy is to keep the prices affordable so that the maximum number of people can enjoy the benefits of the activity.

See the magic happen when you put on a flower crown. Click here or the image below:

These are great fun to do! If you can’t wear a flower crown now, then when can you!

The Little Hanging Garden Company.

At The Little Hanging Garden Company we make unique and innovative outdoor and indoor living plant designs and create wedding favours and table decorations to suit your wedding theme. We specialise in echevarria’s and other succulent plants. The majority of which are propagated and grown in our own greenhouses.

Click here or on the image below: ​

So pretty!

Whatever you are choosing to do (or not do, that’s a whole other blog subject!) :



Click on this image to find out more about Jo Warboys.

Author Jo Warboys. Jo is a talking therapist and bodyworker. During the COVID-19 pandemic, she is offering virtual walk and talk, telephone and talking therapy via Zoom.

Free telephone support for NHS & key workers. Just email and we can go from there.

Click here for on the image below for further information:

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