How can pregnancy massage help you? What benefits are there to post natal massage? C section scar or tummy gap? Read on!


“Thanks to Jo I just experienced the best pregnancy massage I have ever had. I felt so comfortable as soon as I met Jo and she was so thorough finding out all about my previous pregnancy and current niggles at 33 weeks and was able to tailor the massage accordingly. I was so comfortable throughout and so relaxed I almost fell asleep. I can highly recommend her to everyone and have booked her up for a few more sessions before my due date and will no doubt continue to use her afterwards too!” Joanne, TW3

Once we have been pregnant and given birth, our bodies are post natal. The process that our body goes through is amazing and one that I find fascinating!
Pregnancy changes posture, core integrity, the way we walk, run & exercise. As these changes happen we need to be aware & ensure we are also adapting. More self care is needed! And you deserve it more than ever!


Being pregnant can lead to aches & pain, in some cases conditions such as SPD occur. There are the more common ailments – heartburn, constipation, lower back, hip and neck stiffness. The diagram above shows how our centre of gravity changes due to a growing, beautiful bump!
A regular pregnancy massage can help alivate a lot of these symptoms, increase movement, reduce pain and more importantly allows you to prepare for the birth.


The post natal period is a time for healing, rest & recovery; massage (soft tissue therapy) helps with that process.
Some of the issues that you may be experiencing:
Top of shoulders and chest feeling tight and rounded?
Neck feel restricted?
Forward head position and chin sticking out?
Not able to breath deeply and fully?
Core integrity compromised?
Lower back pain?
Feeling you are ‘protecting’ your tummy with your posture? Pelvis position changed?
Bum muscles sore?
C section scar feeling tight? Numb?
Tummy gap?
These are all completely normal and we work together using various strategies; abdominal massage, breath coaching, referral to specialist movement professionals, c section scar management, diastasis recti massage and home care advice to name a few to improve and alleviate.
The BEST bit is you come & lie down for 90 mins and are looked after! Bliss!
I have undertaken additional & advanced training so I have the knowledge & understanding to ensure that you receive a treatment appropriate and effective to your individual needs.
Drop me a note to ask any questions!

Pregnancy & post natal massage. C-section scar management & diastasis recti massage.

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