Self care…what does it REALLY mean?

Exciting news! I AM GOING AWAY FOR 2 NIGHTS! Woop! No domestic, boring cr*p, just ALL THE TIME just FOR ME!!

Self care is SO much more that having a bubble bath occasionally! Its sanity survival for your soul! Its carving out time to do what you want, what you need, what you are always day dreaming about! Whether its reading that book, going on that cookery course, feeling heard, having a walk, going shopping, painting, having a massage (I know a very good therapist you know!) and not feeling so bloody overwhelmed all the time!

Its a journey! It takes work to get to a place where you recognise what you need and how to get it!

Get your diary and do an audit…how much time is spend running around after other people?? Lots? Stop doing it and say no! You are going to need your big girl pants on but you can do it!

Write a list of all the things you want & need to do to make you happy, properly happy! Talk to who you need to to enable you to get those activities or whatever on your PROIRITY list! You come first, end of! You will be a nicer person! I promise!

This sh*t is real life! Lets make it more about LIVING it!

What does self care mean to you? Let me know!

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