Exercise is not a punishment! I had to remind myself of that!

This video is about my reaction to being told I have to lose 1 stone 9 pounds in 8 weeks for an upcoming operation!
I am not an exercise professional, but as a soft tissue/massage therapist, I know about the body & how moving my body is essential for bone health, protecting muscle mass, metabolic system, respiratory system, heart health, pelvic floor and core engagement and to increase those ‘feel good’ hormones! That’s MOVING my body not BEASTING myself!
I went into a frenzy! Booking all the high impact exercise classes at my gym, going online and doing home work outs that consisted of power star jumps and high knees! (I know FULL well that’s is more to do with nutrition than sweating it out at the gym! But that’s a whole other video! )
Luckily, I have calmed down & engaged my brain!
That kind of ‘exercise’ isn’t going to help! I am using it as a way of punishing myself! Old habits die hard! I am actually doing more harm than good!
So! I have come to my senses and got realistic! What CAN I do to move safely and kindly whilst not causing any injury and protecting my pelvic floor, core and actually all of my body!
I can swim, I can walk and I can utilise the bespoke, safe movement patterns that I have been given by EXPERTS!
Expert coaches and fitness professionals that understand what my body is going through, what hurts and why and what movement I need to do to change that!
That is where I am now physically and I need to be respectful of that! Its not forever, I will progress, but right here, today, its specific to me, kind to me and achievable!
I will post links in the comments section here so you can find your expert! Please do!


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