Mindfulness and breathing! Guest expert too!

e510e7f8eb6f204de0a296e681f1436d_mindfulnessAt times of heightened stress, we tend to forget to look after ourselves. Looking after yourself physically and psychologically is the best gift you can give to yourself and others around you.
The aim of the few blogs is that you have lots of ideas and awareness so you can arrive serenely at the end of the year! Well prepared to re stock and re evaluate! Not a frazzled heap (as can be the case!)

I have talked about mindfulness before, its such a brilliant way to get some positive headspace. Its does not take as much of a commitment as meditation and there is even an app I can recommend! (Love an app!)

Why not try mindfulness this week?

Great website that has lots of resources on how you can get started. The app is great (I use it everyday!)

It will soon become a positive habit! Surely you deserve 10 minutes to be kind to yourself? (I think you know the answer to that really!)

Guest Expert – Maria Faye Pilates instructor & trained Osteopath.

“BREATHE! (With your lungs, not your shoulders!)
Take in a deep and low breath, right down to the bottom part of your lungs.
Allow this breath to fill up the lung space inside your ribcage from the lowest ribs up to your armpits.
As you breathe out, push the back of the crown of your head up to the ceiling, and slide your shoulder blades down your back.
Feeling taller!  Room to breathe!”
Maria runs a fab Pilates class every Wednesday morning at 10.00 at Holy Trinity Church on Twickenham Green. Herself and her colleague Jess have an all inclusive teaching style and you really do come out of class feeling taller!
Contact Maria for more information: dynamicpilatestw1@gmail.com

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