So, what does happen during a massage treatment?

What can I do to make sure that each client feels they have had a ‘good’ treatment?

How can I make clients feel special? How can I offer value for money?
I appreciate that deciding to spend money on ourselves and take some ‘time out’ is a big decision!
So, once someone has booked in I am committed to make sure they get the very most out of the treatment.

We will talk through a consultation, medical history, stress levels, what you are hoping to get out of the session.
Then I put together a mix of massage techniques to individually treat each client. The end aim is always to help improve any areas of tension, chronic conditions, stress levels etc.

The body is always striving for balance, physically & mentally. All of our body systems work in conjunction with each other therefore we will always work together to treat you holistically.
Sometimes, that word ‘holistic’ can evoke perceptions!! Don’t worry! I won’t start clinking bells & chanting! Holistic in massage terms is to treat the body as a whole!

Aftercare is also really important. Follow up advice & suggestions are all part of your session. Tense shoulders? I can suggest stretches. High stress levels? I can point you towards relaxation techniques. Need a bit more help? I can refer you to a suitable fellow practitioner, personal trainer, osteopath etc.

Got any questions? Just ask!


A bespoke massage therapy service tailored to treat each client as an individual. Creating sanctuary, stillness & well being.

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